5 signs you need HR

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As HR consultants, we frequently receive questions from business owners, friends and acquaintances about Human Resources. HR is often misunderstood, overlooked and seen as unnecessary. We couldn’t disagree more!

Here are 5 examples of when you need HR and what HR can do for your company.

1-You’ve got 10 employees (or close)

When you reach the double-digits in terms of employees,it means more paperwork and more HR work in general. You need someone who keeps your company compliant.

If you are growing and hiring, having someone who can coordinate, pre-screen candidates, write offer letters, and manage background checks as well as the on-boarding process can really make your office run much more smoothly.

You are probably also thinking about having a benefit plan. HR can help you with that.

2- You’re having a culture crisis

Yes, you, as the owner/founder, set the culture, but as your company grows, it’s sometimes difficult to hold onto that culture. Additionally, there’s a question of whether holding onto that culture makes sense.

When some employees start to feel disenfranchised, it’s a good idea to have an expert in organizational development to help out.

3- You need help communicating

While HR makes suggestions and gives advice, the final decision is yours: HR never, ever sets the policy.

Don’t hire an HR consultant if you’ll be attempting to blame them for your unpopular decisions.

However, if it’s a necessary policy, your HR person should be able to help you explain why it’s necessary. She should also be able to help you figure out what best practices are in order to make things even better.

4- You need help with the people side of things

You’re an expert in your product/service, but are you an expert in your people? A good HR person can help you determine what will make employees the happiest and most productive.

She can reduce the amount of paperwork on your desk and develop processes that can streamline personnel issues. She can also coach, counsel, and advise employees and help smooth over ruffled feathers.

This skill doesn’t come naturally to every business owner, so it’s worth looking into.

5- You have new ideas for your business

We can help you decide if you have the right people in place. If you need to hire more. If you need to reduce staff. A good HR professional is a business partner, not just a cheerleader for the business. We can help you realize the people implications of your business decisions before you make them.

A good HR professional is here to help you, not hinder you. We do not want to make your life difficult. We want to see your business succeed and help you avoid the landmines that are out there by virtue of being an employer.

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