The versatile role of a job description

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Job descriptions are a diverse tool for Human Resources. Broadly speaking, a job or position description is a written statement describing the purpose or objective of a job, a list of tasks performed by the job holder, and a description of how, and under what conditions, they perform the job.
A job description can also serve your organization in different ways. Let’s elaborate on this topic.

Recruitment tool

Say your Receptionist just gave notice. Obviously, you need to replace her. The job description for this role will be the basis to advertise for the position. It will also determine the salary range and the interview questions. 

A job description should always be included with a job offer. 

Performance assessment tool

A job description is also the basis to assess your employees ‘performance. It can be used to set measurable goals for your employees.

Career training tool

You can use your employee job descriptions, along with descriptions of possible promotions, as incentives for your employees to pursue classes, seminars and other career development activities.

Protection tool

A job description can defend why a candidate was not selected, but also be used to justify termination, particularly over performance issues.

Organizational design tool

A job description creates boundaries for each employee, therefore also creates the reporting structure in your company. It also provides a consistent understanding across departments of job roles and how they help the organization to grow.

We have seen that one of the most important documents that a business can have is a current and clearly expressed set of job descriptions. Does every one of your employees have one? If not, please call us at 604-546-1535 or visit our website. We can assist you with this…and more. 

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